Our target: zero waste!

We collect post consumer goods filled with down and feathers and we extract the filling material in order to regenerate it so that it can be re-used. But we are not  interested in re-using only the best, high end qualities: we really want to bring an up-cycling solution to all components. Some down and feathers are too old to be recycled. During our process, we create down fibers, broken feathers that can not be used as filling material. All those lower quality materials are changed into a powerful organic fertilizer.


Our raw material comes mainly from textile waste collectors. We choose our partners for their social values and the transparency of their business. Most of them are mixed economy companies between private owners and charity organisations.

Newly, we establish partnerships with collectivities or hotel chains who want to renew their bedding products and to donate the used ones. 


An all natural recipe for a 100% organic fertilizer!

Feathers and down are mixed into a fine powder. We add some pine resine that will glue the particules together in order to make pellets. There are no chemicals in our process. Even the sterilization is done by heat only. 


Re:Down organic fertilizer is a patented product, and the only one using raw feathers. This guarantees the high content in organic nitrogen.

Re:Down fertilizer is approved as organic fertilizer according to NF U42-001

Our target: 100% recycling
For a Greener World!

Our recycling process step by step!

Collecting post-consumer goods for recycling


All over Europe we collect old bedding products and sleeping bags from used textiles containers

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