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recycled down, recycled feathers, recycling process, down, feathers, circular economy
We make
Down products 
Eco & Fair
recycled down, recycled feathers, recycling process, down, feathers, circular economy
All our Down products are 100% recycled

Our recycling process:

Down and feathers have been recycled since people use them as filling material for their bedding products. In the old times, farmers took the down out of the fabric shell when their duvet was too damaged. They washed the down, added new down to it and filled it into a new shell. They knew well how precious down is!

Re:Down process is based on this ancient practice but thanks to the most advanced technologies, we offer high quality 100% recycled down and feathers.


Our raw material comes mainly from textile waste collectors. We choose our partners for their social values and the transparency of their business. Most of them are mixed economy companies between private owners and charity organisations.

Newly, we establish partnerships with collectivities or hotel chains who want to renew their bedding products and donate the used ones. 


Re:Down uses the most environmental friendly methods to regenerate down and feathers. 

  • We only use our own thermal water for the washing, no city water. The used water goes through our water recycling system and is sent back to earth as clean as drinking water. 

  • We use no chemicals for the regular finishing of Re:Down products. The sterilization happens through high temperature. And during washing we only use soap. For our special water-resistant finish, we exclusively use an ecological FC free formula.

  • Today, 30% of the electricity used in the factory is produced by solar panels. Our aim is to bring it up to 70% in the coming years.


Our target : zero waste!

We aim to solve a part of the textile trash problem. Taking just the best down out postconsumer goods would not help much: 90% of the weight still needs to be handled. This is why we sort very different down and feathers categories and try to find applications for all products:

  • even the broken feathers and the down fibers that cannot be used as filling material are changed into a great organic fertilizer.

  • The fabric shells (approx 30% of the total weight) are chopped into small pieces and end up in non woven insulation.

We are able to recycle 97% of all the goods we collect!


Re:Down products are traceable from the post consumer product stage till the finished regenerated product,


Our recycling process step by step!

Collecting post-consumer goods for recycling


All over Europe we collect old bedding products and sleeping bags from used textiles containers

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